Katter og hunder fryser i hjel stående

Cats and dogs freeze to death and turn into ice instantly while running to safety

Kazakhstan has been experiencing anomalously cold weather recently with temperatures dropping to as low as -54 degrees Centigrade.

As one can see from videos that people upload on social media, strong winds and heavy snowfalls pose a serious threat to the lives of both humans and animals.

In one of the videos, a local resident shows a frozen cat that did not even have time to fall before its death.

In another video, a dog is seen frozen into snow. In another amazing video, a villager finds a frozen hare that got stuck in a fence and froze to death.

Local residents find ways to have fun even in such terrible conditions. For example, many people make videos of themselves throwing hot water out of cups in the air and watching water drops turn into snowflakes instantly.


See more at http://www.pravdareport.com/news/society/stories/25-01-2018/139830-cold_weather-0/

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