Syria’s first lady treated for breast cancer


Syria’s first lady treated for breast cancer

August 08, 18:46 UTC+3 MOSCOW

Syria’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad is being treated for breast cancer in Damascus

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© AP Photo/Hassene Dridi, File

MOSCOW, August 8. /TASS/. Syria’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad has been admitted to a hospital in Damascus after being diagnosed with incipient breast cancer, the Presidential Office twittered on Wednesday.

A photo uploaded in Twitter showed President Bashar al-Assad visiting his spouse at a hospital ward.

Official reports on Mrs. Assad’s disease were followed by numerous wishes of an earliest possible recovery the rank-and-file Syrians tweeted in the social media.

Asma al-Assad, 42, who was born into a Syrian family in the UK and graduated from King’s College London, enjoys popularity owing to her social activity. She supervising a program of assistance to those who suffered while fighting for homeland. Also, she provides assistance to the families of soldier who died in combat and to shelters for orphans.

One more area of her activity is promotion of young talents and organization of research internships for them in other countries, including Russia.

In addition to Syrian citizenship, Mrs. Assad has a UK passport. She worked in the field of banking and investment before marrying to Bashar Assad.

In 2008, Elle magazine called her the world’s most elegant First Lady. The Assads have three children – the daughter Zein,14, and the sons Hafez, 16, and Karim,14


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